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My XIII History

29 May 2004
I downloaded the multiplayer demo with Winslow Bank and Warehouse 33 maps. I was playing it every day, I really loved it. I set my player's name to Firefox.
29 Jun 2004
My dad bought the full version of XIII. My friend HNUSAq saw XIII on my computer so he decided to buy it too.
23 Aug 2004
I played a clanwar with Rulezer clan (Jordi, HNUSAq, Jugu, Commando, Denman, Tiger) as a guest. I was also contributing to Rulezer's website by HNUSAq.
24 Aug 2004
I joined the Rulezer clan. My name was _RuLeZeR_Firefox.
12 Sep 2004
The Rulezer clan changed to Corrupt clan because of Jordi - he was the leader but all the work was done by HNUSAq. Jordi also broke the clan rules, so we (me, HNUSAq, Jugu and Tiger) decided to make a new clan name.
12 Sep 2004
HNUSAq made a new webpage for our new clan (click here to view it).
19 Sep 2004
I made the second version of Corrupt website (click here to view it).
27 Nov 2004
R_F_Splinter - a player from XIII - copied my Corrupt website layout for his school project (click here to view a screenshot of his illegal website copy).
24 Oct 2004
I made the startup animations remover for XIII 1.1+.
19 Dec 2004
Note: This event is not related to XIII but it's very important for me. HNUSAq and I release the first version of our program called InstantStorm. It's the world's first freeware application for converting Flash movies to Windows screensavers.
02 Apr 2005
I organized one of the most important XIII multiplayer events - international Corrupt's Easter Challenge 2005. Waterman from German HN clan reached the first place.
24 Apr 2005
I joined the official Ubisoft's XIII forum.
30 Apr 2005
I found the way how to create Deathmatch, The Hunt and Power Up dedicated servers in Kellownee, XX, Temple, New York and USS-Patriot maps.
16 May 2005
I discovered new official multiplayer maps by Ubisoft: Platform 03 and SPADS 2.
26 Jun 2005
I stopped the Corrupt clan activity because of lack of time for being a leader. I also became an independent player and like one year ago and decided to develop this site and unofficial XIII Patch 1.4.
03 Aug 2005
I released the beta 1 version of my unofficial XIII Patch 1.4. This version wasn't very stable.
24 Aug 2005
I released the beta 2 version of my unofficial XIII Patch 1.4. All the known bugs from the beta 1 version were fixed, this version was quite stable.
25 Aug 2005
HCT_Solononnais stole my XIII Patch 1.4 beta 1, added couple of unofficial maps and uploaded it to his site as Solononnais' Patch 1.5/1.6.
08 Oct 2005
I released the release candidate version of my XIII Patch 1.4 is out. I also discovered another official multiplayer Ubisoft's map - Lost Temple.
27 Feb 2018
Fast forward almost 13 years later... the XIII Files website got a small update: a guide on playing the classic XIII’s online multiplayer on machines with Windows 10.
10 Nov 2020
Another update to the XIII Files website timed for the release of remastered XIII: a 2020 guide on playing the classic game even more reliably on Windows 10.

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