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How to Play XIII Online in 2018

Hi XIII fans!

The fact that you found this page in 2018 probably means you're quite serious about XIII fandom or just decided to re-play this masterpiece out of nostalgia. Anyway, for those who're not familiar with this website and my work around XIII, my name is Jan Kolařík and I was an active XIII gamer between 2004 and 2008 under the nickname Opaquit. During this period I also created a couple of unofficial addons and patches for the PC version of the game (notably the patch 1.4 and Opaquit's Enhanced XIII Server Launcher), mostly focusing on its online multiplayer which had an amazing community at that time. After 2008 I mostly lost track of what was happening around XIII due to the lack of time for video games and focusing on other, more serious work. However, I kept the Opaquit's XIII Files website running in case someone still needed the downloads.

In 2012 Ubisoft shut down the official server which was keeping track of online multiplayer sessions. A great unofficial community around InsideXIII website quickly reacted and created an unofficial replacement, although the number of online gamers declined significantly as this solution required some extra research for non-hardcore fans. The unofficial server continued to live until 2016 and so did the gaming community itself, apparently.

In early 2018, however, I suddenly received a few emails from XIII fans thanking me for having kept my website running uninterrupted for almost XIII years. I realized that 10 years since I quit playing on a regular basis and stopped following XIII news would be a great time to quickly revisit XIII and do a one-time update to the website.

Plus, I decided to make an experiment: launch a new 24/7 unofficial dedicated server for XIII. I will probably not have proper time to create new or updated XIII-related tools, add more content to the website, improve the server's functionality or even play the game much, however, I felt like this few-hour action to set up everything is the least I can do to try to bring the game's online community to life.

Also huge thanks to everybody who was keeping XIII alive for so many years.

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So anyway, here's the experimental 24/7 server's IP address and port:

The server is mostly running stock, unmodified deathmatches in 21 different official maps (all of them except for Lost Temple, Platform 03 and SS-419), with occassional unmodified sabotages in Camp or Choland. Every day 12 AM, 8 AM, 10 AM, 6 PM, 7 PM, 8 PM, 9 PM, 10 PM and 11 PM (Central European Time, or Central European Summer Time during the DST period) it automatically restarts and switches the map to a random one. I tested the connections from XIII with just patch 1.4 and no more add-ons, however, it should probably be compatible with whatever XIII distributions and mods came after 2008.

Image credit: Arthur Muszynski
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How to install XIII and connect to the new game server?
1) Install XIII
Installing XIII in any modern Windows version, including Windows 10, may be very tricky, especially with the original 4-CD distribution. Luckily, thanks to the awesome contributors of PCGamingWiki pretty much any potencial technical difficulty has a solution.

Check out this guide if you're having trouble with the installation itself. One more thing: no matter which distribution of XIII are using, never install the game inside the Program Files or Program Files (x86) folders (usually offered by default). A recommended installation path is something like C:\Games\XIII
2) Patch it
Once the game is installed, download and install my patch 1.4 from this website. The location where XIII was installed will probably be detected automatically. If not, just specify it manually.
3) Tweak all the settings to modern computers' standards
You may need to manually edit a few configuration files, however, it's totally worth it. I recommend mostly following the advice in the Video Settings chapter on PCGamingWiki. If you happen to have any other issues running the game, check out Issues Fixed.
4) Join the server
Download and run Arthur Muszynski's improved IP Join tool, inspired by my original IP Join from 2004. It's a standalone EXE file that you can run from any directory. First you need to manually choose XIII's installation path. After that all you need to do is fill in the server's IP address and port and customize your character. The IP for my server is / the port is 7777
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A potential place to stay up to date with XIII?
As I mentioned above, I am probably not going to have much time to update this website or be an active member of the XIII community again. Since surprisingly many people still come here, though, feel free to use the shoutbox widget below (another experimental thing – I didn't do much research on shoutbox services out there so I hope is a fine solution, at least seemed fine at first sight) to post more useful links to XIII stuff, schedule matches, publish more game servers' IP addresses, share screenshots, ... just keep it XIII-related, friendly and have phun! I will not be able to join the discussion very frequently, however.
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Where to get XIII in 2018?
Sadly, as far as I know, there is no official way to buy a digital copy of XIII anymore. The best distribution used to be the one from In 2013, though, 10 years after the game's release, Ubisoft's rights to use Dargaud's XIII brand expired. This means no more new copies of the game can be sold. The only way to get the game right now is to order one of the existing physical CD or DVD boxes. There's an abundance of them for absolutely low prices on websites like Amazon, eBay or many traditional game retailers' (check out those in your country) online stores. Just make sure you read the seller's reviews on online marketplaces so that you don't end up with some counterfeit copies.

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