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Welcome to Opaquit’s XIII Files website!

Hi! I’m Jan Kolařík aka Opaquit – an XIII gamer from 2004 to 2008... and this is my personal website.

Important! This website is about the PC version of the classic XIII from 2003 by Ubisoft. Most of the content here has not been updated since 2007. I decided, however, to make one exception, and added this page in 2024 – check it out in order to find out how to re-enable online multiplayer after the 2012 shutdown of Ubisoft’s master server or install XIII on Windows 10/Windows 11. This page also has up to date links to catch up with the XIII community. Also, if you’re looking for a community around the 2020 remake by PlayMagic/Microids, the InsideXIII Discord is the place to be.

23 Sep 2007
Hi, it's me again... due to some weird guys's complaint, I'll try to make clear what's going on with this site. As you may have noticed, the content hasn't been updated for ages and I haven't played the XIII game for some time either. This is all caused by my lack of time for video games, so I decided to temporarily discontinue this site. There won't be any updates for some time, so please be patient if you're excited about the patch and Enhanced Server Launcher updates. Thanks a lot for still visiting XIII Files, I'm definitelly happy to see that the site traffic keeps getting higher every day and there are still many XIII gamers online. Thanks again and enjoy the rest of 2007!
13 May 2007
I'm sorry for not replying to your XIII-related e-mails quickly, I've been busy lately to keep checking my XIII inbox. Anyway, I'm here to announce a few website updates that will be done soon. I'm already working on a new Links section (gosh... I can't believe there are so many new clans and XIII websites) and updated downloads. Expect new Windows Vista compatible versions of XIII patch and Enhanced Server Launcher with chill new features to be released this summer. See you and enjoy XIII, if there's someone who has the PlayStation 2 version of XIII, let me know, the game is almost serverless and I'm gonna have plenty of time in July and August.
21 Oct 2006
Hiyia! I'm back again, I'd like to appologize for the site inactivity, there are currently too many developing projects in my life but I'll do my best to release a new version of my Enhanced Server Launcher and run a new section called XIII Maps. Good luck to all XIII players, I'll try to return to the community soon.
26 Jul 2006
I can't believe what's happening to the XIII. I entered a few game servers lately and saw some weird guys who have been playing XIII for less than one month and kept shouting 'Noooooob' to other players. I think XIII should be played just for fun, not for being the best player that kicks everyone who just grabs bazooka, M60 or uses a single AR grenade when all his other weapons are out of ammo. Also, no matter how hard you try to perform the most professional gaming style, these guys usually kick you when you reach better score than theirs, when you're lucky, they only leave the game or close the server. I've been playing XIII for more than two years and today's community situation is the worst thing that could happen to such a great game. XIII players, don't take all those deathmatches that seriously, enjoy the game and don't make XIII veterans leave the community. If you're new to XIII, creating a new clan is the worst thing you can do. Clans like that always last for less than one week, you'd better enjoy the game as a clanless player. It's a game, if you find a 'noob', don't kick him, give him some advice instead, everyone used to be a noob, even you did. XIII is dying, please don't let it die at all, make it a better place to play and have fun.
06 Jul 2006
Hello, XIII community! Sorry for being a little bit inactive last months, I'm busy with other sites. Anyway, I've just moved thos site to a new address. - Please update your bookmarks.
29 Apr 2006
You might have noticed that lately a new clan called Dutch Corrupt Clan (DCC) estabilished. This clan is not affileted with me and my old Corrupt clan at all, it just uses a similar name.
15 Apr 2006
I haven't been very active in XIII last month... many new clans were estabilished, so I updated the Links section, check it out! Also, I was told that there was a fake Opaquit in XIII, always make sure you're playing with the real one please.
02 Apr 2006
The previous entry was only an April fool. Don't take it seriously, I don't leave the XIII community and there's no game called Call of War.
01 Apr 2006
Opaquit's XIII Files: The end is here. I decided to leave the XIII community and join the Call of War and Call of War II community instead, this website will turn into Opaquit's Call of War Files in few days, see the title image above. Goodbye to all XIII players, I had a great time with you, see you in another games.
25 Feb 2006
The final version of my unofficial patch 1.4 reached 3500 downloads. Thank you! Including also all beta and release candidate versions, my patch reached 5800 downloads. Thank you again for downloading, XIII has a great community!
19 Feb 2006
I cancelled the XIII Tools project and released Enhenced XIII Server Launcher instead. Visit the Downloads section for details.
12 Feb 2006
Attention! There's this player called M'W_Greenday-yep and he keeps giving the XIII community a bad name. I entered his AFM-10 server and reached one point by killing him (not on purpose). I threw a grenade and he respawned before the grenade exploded and he kicked me for this. Then I entered the server again and when I reached 19 points (the points limit was set to 20), he kicked me again for no reason (I didn't spawnkill and didn't use M60 at all, some other players did). Here is a score screenshot I took before I got kicked. ...He is really one of the worst players I've ever seen. His score was much worse but he kept calling others noobs. I hope he will read this and won't act like that anymore.
10 Feb 2006
The new Savegames section is available, also the Links section is completely updated.
23 Dec 2005
Merry Christmas to all XIII players!
13 Dec 2005
XIII Sequel Petition: 'Black_Guard' game fan decided to make a petition for XIII sequel. Learn more and sign it here.
02 Dec 2005
XIII Tools: Delay. I'm sorry, but I have to move the release date of XIII Tools from December to January. View the first preview screenshot of XIII Server Editor here.
20 Nov 2005
XIII Tools development begins. Czokl Software (HNUSAq and I) is programming a new set of tools for XIII players (XIII Server Editor, XIII Advanced Server Launcher, XIII Mod Manager, XIII IP Joiner). The first version will be available in December 2005.
20 Nov 2005
The final version of my unofficial XIII Patch 1.4 is here! Visit the Downloads section to get it. I suggest updating to this final version if you use the beta or release candidate version. Here is a little list of changes since the release candidate version: 1) now you can install maps from the XIII\Maps folder too; 2) various map installer bugs fixed; 3) XIII is now mod ready - you can see a new game type called Mod if there's a modded server
13 Nov 2005
The Opaquit's XIII Files site beta is online! I hope you like it, many sections are still coming soon.

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